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New England IPA 7%. Mosaic, Idaho 7, and Citra hops combine, offering bright citrus, juicy tropical fruit, and pine aromas that intertwine a mesmerizing taste and adventure.

Eternity in An Hour

New England DIPA 8.5%. Crafted with Comet, Amarillo, and Nelson Sauvin hops, resulting in a medley of zesty citrus, tropical fruit, and floral aromas. 


Fruited Sour 6%. Indulge in a tropical delight with luscious raspberry and zesty lime, creating a harmonious burst of sweet and sour flavors in every sip.


West Coast IPA 7%. Featuring a bold trio of Simcoe, Amarillo, and Centennial hops. This hoppy delight boasts a burst of citrus, pine, and floral notes, delivering a resinous and crisp profile. The combination creates a robust and flavorful experience for hop enthusiasts.  


New England IPA 6.5%. Galaxy, Comet, and Strata hops unite, showering your taste buds with interstellar waves of tropical fruit, bright citrus, subtle peach notes and rounded out with a hint of bitterness.


Pale Ale 5.5%. A timeless golden brew marrying malt sweetness with hop bitterness. Aromas of biscuit and citrus lead to a crisp finish. Medium-bodied and refreshing, it's a favorite among beer enthusiasts.


Mexican Lager 4.5%. Presenting our collaborative Mexican Lager, a joint effort with Modest Roots Brewing Company and Navigation Brewing Company. This crisp brew honors Mexican brewing traditions, featuring subtle notes of corn sweetness and lime from the Motueka hops. It's a refreshing testament to local craftsmanship and collaboration. 


Rice Lager 4.5%. A refreshing brew, blending the crispness of traditional lagers with the subtle sweetness of rice. Its smooth, clean taste and light body make it an ideal choicefor relaxing afternoons and social gatherings. Enjoy the crisp finish and gentle sweetness of this unique take on a classic style. 


Milk Stout 6.0%. Savor the rich and velvety goodness offering a decadent symphony of toffee, chocolate, and creamy oatmeal notes. (Contains lactose)


Kolsch 5%. Experience the refreshing essence of a Kolsch with delicate herbal and floral aromas, perfect for a crisp and satisfying thirst-quencher.


Blueberry Lemonade Sour Beer 6%. A zesty blend of tart blueberries and tangy lemon, creating a refreshing burst of flavor. With its vibrant hue and tantalizing taste, it's the perfect summer sipper for brightening any occasion. 


Witbier 5%. This wheat beer marries the smoothness of wheat with the distinctive fruity and sometimes spicy character of Belgian yeast. The result is a refreshing, slightly hazy beer that boasts a delightful balance of crispness and subtle complexity


American Light Lager 4%. Crisp, clean, and refreshingly light, our American Light Lager is a testament to the art of simplicity in brewing. This beautiful lager embodies the easy-drinking tradition that has made it a staple at gatherings and celebrations across the nation.  


New England DIPA 8.5%. Dive into our New England Double IPA crafted with Galaxy, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. A symphony of tropical and citrus notes in every sip.  


NEIPA 6.5%. This NEIPA combines the beautiful Alora and Citra hops to create a juicy blend of tropical fruit with tasting notes of citrus and ripe peach. This is our third offering in the Elaborate series and we hope it takes you on a liquid vacation. Cheers! 


Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout 6%. A rich and decadent brew infused with flavors of cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of chili spice, reminiscent of traditional Mexican hot chocolate. This stout offers a velvety smooth texture and a warming finish, making it the perfect indulgence for those seeking a bold and flavorful beer experience. (Contains lactose) 


Summer Ale 5.2%. Elevate your summer experience with our refreshing Summer Ale, a golden brew infused with a hint of lemon and lime zest, aromatic coriander, and exotic grains of paradise. Each sip is a burst of citrusy delight, perfectly balanced by a crisp finish, making it an ideal companion for lazy afternoons and lively gatherings under the sun. Whether you're lounging by the pool or firing up the grill, our Summer Ale is the ultimate refreshment to savor every moment of the season. 


Golden Ale 4.8%. A Golden Ale with Elani hops offers a crisp and refreshing profile, featuring bright citrus and tropical fruit notes balanced with a mild bitterness.

*Please note: While we are a family friendly facility, our space and events are mainly targeted towards adults 21+. Children are welcome in our facility but we ask that they remain at the table for the duration of the meal. Any unsupervised children will be addressed with the parents.